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Our outstanding R&D capability is the result of vast peptide-experience and access to a world class chemistry research infrastructure at our shareholder ICL's (Israel Chemical Industries) research facility. Novetide's R&D laboratories are located at the heart of ICL's research complex, where sophisticated organic chemistry is routinely practiced. This gives our team access to powerful tools for development of overall synthetic routes for peptide and peptidomimetic compounds. These tools include full process development, analytical R&D and methods validation, and preparation of qualification lots. The result is technologically advanced fast and cost effective R&D including the ability to find the best scalable synthetic routes. The benefit to our customers is superior products in a shorter time.

We continue to constantly update our scientific and technological base. Our extensive network within the world's leading academic institutes provides a stream of new, implementable technologies. This gives us a significantly improved and more cost effective production process. The benefit to our customers is superior quality, pricing and technical support.

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