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Novetide has a wide range of commercially available peptide products and a robust pipeline of products in development. As part of the product development and commercialization we provide global registration and customer support. We continue to work with you pre- and post commercialization to provide industrial scale production and any necessary follow-up regulatory support.

*This is only a selection of the products offered by Novetide and does not include a list of proprietary products currently being developed and manufactured by Novetide 

Product Name Therapeutic Category DMF / CEP New / Commercial
Atosiban Acetate Hormones - labour inhibitors - oxytocin receptor antagonist EU DMF Commercial
Bivalirudin Antithrombotic - direct thrombin inhibitor US DMF, EU DMF, Canada DMF, India DMF New
Desmopressin acetate Urinary incontinence and retention - vasopressins US DMF, CEP, Japan DMF Commercial
Eptifibatide Antithrombotic - glycoprotein inhibitors Canada DMF, US DMF, EU DMF New
Exenatide Antidiabetic - glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist US DMF, EU DMF New
Lanreotide acetate Antineoplastic agents - hormonal - somatostatin analog New
Leuprolide (leuprorelin acetate) Antineoplastic agent - hormonal - LHRH agonist US DMF, Canada DMF, EU CEP, Japan DMF Commercial
Octreotide Acetate Antineoplastic agents - hormonal - somatostatin analog US DMF, EU DMF, Korea DMF Commercial
Pramlintide Acetate Antidiabetic - amylin analogue New
Teriparatide acetate Bone disease - bone resorption inhibitor New
Triptorelin pamoate Antineoplastic agents - hormonal - gnrh agonist New
Products Atosiban Acetate Bivalirudin Desmopressin acetate Eptifibatide Exenatide Lanreotide acetate Leuprolide (leuprorelin acetate) Octreotide Acetate Pramlintide Acetate Teriparatide acetate Triptorelin pamoate