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Quality Control
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Quality Control

Novetide's dedicated QC team guarantees that all raw materials, intermediates and finished products including stability studies are GMP compliant and meet regulatory requirements worldwide.  Novetide's laboratories are approved and inspected regularly by the FDA and other global regulatory authorities.

We qualify and regularly audit our suppliers and analyze all raw materials thoroughly.  The raw materials used by your suppliers are of non human/non-animal origin.  Route of Synthesis is controlled for each raw material including all starting materials, solvents, reagents and catalysts used by our suppliers.  

As part of our commitment to manufacturing excellence, we use a rigorous in-process quality control system.  At the beginning of each project your product is given specification criteria for all raw materials, intermediates and, and finished products including stability studies.  We determine these criteria with you, in-line with your project specifications and regulatory requirements.

The QC methods used regularly by Novetide's team to ensure perfect quality control include:

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