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Production Sites and Capacity
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Production Sites and Capacity

Two FDA-approved peptide production facilities:

Novetide's production sites are supported by sophisticated peptide-dedicated QC laboratories and experienced QC and QA teams.  This guarantees that all of our products are compliant with regulatory requirements in the relevant target markets worldwide.  All of our processes are controlled and monitored by state-of-the-art PLC computerized systems and a specially trained staff of engineers.  The world class infrastructure includes a solvent tank farm, process water, Hepa and H-VAC systems that monitor our production suites for maximum quality control.  The entire manufacturing process is documented in-line with GMP and other regulatory requirements.  These documents are available for inspection by the relevant authorities at any time.

Additionally, Novetide invests time and resources to ensure that all employees including engineers, laboratory technicians, operators and inspectors have received the most up-to-date technical, regulatory and safety training.  These teams work to guarantee regulatory compliance while using the most advanced technology and equipment for the production of your peptide.

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