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Purification and Final Drying technologies
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Purification and Final Drying technologies

Choosing the right purification technology is important for two reasons, strict product purity requirements and the fact that purification is a major cost component in the manufacturing process.

Our team will work with you to choose the most cost effective purification technology.  We regularly use multiple chromatographic methods including reversed phase, normal phase, ion exchange, and size exclusion to purify the crude peptide to the required specifications.  Our R&D experts carefully choose the best possible method for the purification of your peptide API to its final desired specifications. We can currently work at amounts up to tens of kg. per batch.

Final drying

Novetide's extensive experience in large scale lyophilization means that batches of up to tens of kg can be handled in a fully controlled lyophilization cycle

Purification and Final Drying technologies Peptide Assembly Technologies